Review of Champagne In Seashells EP by Liam Finn

Review of Liam Finn’s EP Champagne In Seashells

Liam Finn Champagne In Seashells EP

The eldest son of Crowded House’s Neil Finn, Liam Finn releases this as the follow up to his debut album, 2007’s ‘I’ll be Lightning’. Currently on a world tour, two consecutive dates beginning November 9 at London’s Bush Hall are currently his only scheduled UK dates.

While some artists may struggle to establish a sound and find themselves lost, Finn’s greatest strength exemplified across these six tracks is his chameleon-like skill to impress across genres. ‘Plane Crash’ begins as a brooding James Bond-style theme tune, which Finn lightly croons over, before unleashing an explosive sonic shot that certainly gets your attention. Those who prefer a more relaxing sound will be engrossed by the acoustic ballad that is ‘Won’t Change My Mind’, while retro-rocker ‘Honest Face’ is also a pleasant listen, but it’s on ‘Long Way To Go’ that Finn really stands out again. A sleazy bass line is tickled with electro-funk sounds, resulting in a tune that you will no doubt find yourself dancing along to. Throw in some Carlos Santana-esque guitar licks and you’ve undeniable brilliance which is unfortunately over in less than three minutes. Short and sweet, it’s a great representation of this sweet mini-album.

Alex Lai

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