Liam Finn suspects his dad Neil was "nervous" about asking him to join Crowded House.

The 37-year-old musician previously collaborated and toured with his dad, but he can understand why Neil might have been anxious about asking him to join the group, which was originally formed in 1985.

Liam - who released a collaborative album with his dad, called 'Lightsleeper', in 2018 - told "In a way, I think dad was quite nervous, probably because even with all the history, he’s probably sensitive towards not wanting to feel like we’re always involved.

"Obviously, I’ve spent my whole career being asked about my father, but I’ve also spent my whole career continuing to collaborate with him, so it’s not really something I’ve shied away from.

"I guess I can understand why he was sort of nervous, but when he brought it up it seemed just really exciting to me because I care so much about that band and I want to protect the legacy of that band."

Earlier this year, Neil explained how the band's new album - their first record in more than a decade - came about.

The frontman revealed that the album - titled 'Dreamers Are Waiting' - took shape before the COVID-19 lockdown and was completed remotely.

Neil said: “We were fortunate to be recording in the studio right before lockdown and so began this album with band tracks recorded live in a room, all brimming with character and energy."