Liam Gallagher and Yoko Ono didn't speak when they met.

The Oasis rocker visited the widow of his hero John Lennon at her New York home, but Yoko admits they were so overawed they didn't engage in much conversation.

She said: "Our meeting was really very interesting. We didn't chat so much though. Instead we were just looking out of the window, because my apartment has beautiful views of the park."

Yoko, 76, also revealed she never leaves the house without wearing a badge carrying the slogan 'Imagine Peace'.

She told BANG Showbiz: "My badge today says 'Imagine Peace' in Arabic. I have 'Imagine Peace' on badges in 24 different languages and I just draw one out. It is very interesting because every region has a need for peace."

It was previously claimed that Liam - who is married to former All Saints star Nicole Appleton - was planning to set up home in the Dakota building where Lennon was shot dead outside of in 1980 and where Yoko still lives.

A source said: "Liam has always been fascinated with everything about John Lennon and has long fantasised about having an apartment in the Dakota building like he did.

"He loves that part of New York and feels he'd be very much at home there - he would feel close to Lennon's spirit."

Previously speaking about his meeting with Yoko, Liam insisted he felt inspired and "couldn't stop writing songs" afterwards.

Oasis' latest album, 'Dig Out Your Soul', features the Liam-penned track 'I'm Outta Time' which is a tribute to Lennon and features a snippet of him talking at the end.