The critics’ consensus on Non-Stop was essentially “it’s not good, but it’s great”. Box office numbers at the end of the weekend seem to match that sentiment. The new Liam Neeson starrer tells the story of a mild-mannered air marshal, who is forced to go all Jack Bower on his fellow passengers, when the plane he’s on gets hijacked by an unknown attacker.

Watch the Non-Stop trailer below.


No, it’s not the most believable of storylines, but it has some superb acting from Neeson, as well as co-stars Julianne Moore and Michelle Dockery. Plus, the tense whodunit style makes for entertaining viewing throughout. So it’s no wonder that in an otherwise slow box office scene, Non-Stop’s $25 million in weekend earnings have brought it to the forefront. Its top spot isn’t a sure thing, though, because there’s a surprising contender.

Christian film Son of God skipped the traditional promotional avenues, and got its steady revenue from church groups instead. Organised trips to see Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s retelling of the Bible story have been so numerous, that at the end of the weekend, Son of God is coming up to the $21 to $25 million profit marginm according to Variety.

Does Son of God sound like your thing? Watch the trailer below.

The two big ones seem likely to finally topple The Lego Movie’s three-week reign. With $20 million in projected earnings, the The Warner Bros.-Village Roadshow hit should round out to a cool $208 million profit, but still end up third in this weekend’s chart.

Lego Movie Promo
The Lego Movie is slipping, but not by much.