A lost 'Star Wars' mini-film is to be remade through crowd-funding.

'Black Angel' - which was first screened as a short in cinemas over 35 years ago alongside 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' - is to be turned into a feature-length epic that will star 'Lord of the Rings' actor John Rhys-Davies and Dutch star Rutger Hauer, who appeared in 'Blade Runner'.

Original director Roger Christian said: ''I wrote 'Black Angel' as an epic adventure inspired by the great Samurai films.

''For the feature film, I want the audience to experience the intensity of the battles where life or death is the only prize.

''Like the first 'Star Wars' and 'Alien' we are going for absolute reality, engaging the audience in the drama so they feel like they are really there in this ancient world, shot in staggeringly beautiful landscapes, ancient cities and castles.

''With flying demons and sorcerers, princesses and knights, armies of the undead and an evil god of the underworld, we are filming down and dirty; ultimate realism that audiences hunger for and the world I am passionate to create on film again.''

Fans who donate to the remake could become an extra in the movie, own a prop from the set or sit in on post-production.

The 45-day campaign goes live today (02.06.15), with a fundraising target of £66,000.