Liam Neeson is obviously enjoying his second career as an action star. After the surprise success of the boneheaded thriller Taken in 2008, he went on to kick butt in The A-Team movie, Unknown, The Grey, Battleship, two Clash of the Titans movies and of course Taken 2.

Liam Neeson Non-StopLiam Neeson in 'Non-Stop'

After all of this, we can only faintly remember those days when he was an award-winning actor, earning an Oscar nomination for his performance in Schindler's List (1994) and across-the-board acclaim for his work in Michael Collins (1996) and Kinsey (2004). So even if he's now more likely to take home a Razzie (he's been nominated twice), his box office clout is stronger than ever.

And with his new action romp Non-Stop, he's in good company with costars like Lupita Nyong'o (favourite to win an Oscar on Sunday night), Julianne Moore (perhaps the most Oscar-deserving actress never to have won one), Michelle Dockery (best known as Downton Abbey's Lady Mary) and indie darling Scoot McNairy (who's also in 12 Years a Slave).

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And if audiences take to this big, silly thriller like many critics, who are calling it the year's best guilty pleasure so far, all of these fine actors will no doubt enjoy the bump in their earning power. Let's just hope that they return to doing something a bit more meaningful soon.

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