When Liam Neeson starred as Hannibal in the action-comedy 'The A-Team,' he was required to smoke cigars for the role, and although the Irish actor didn't enjoy this experience, luckily his co-star Bradley Cooper was on hand to help him out.

Liam Neeson
Neeson revealed Bradley Cooper used to finishe his cigar son the set of 'The A-Team'

Neeson recently lifted the lid on the 2010 flick's on-set antics while speaking with the January 2015 issue of Cigar Aficionado, in which he also revealed acting projects that aren't necessarily on the big-screen.

"I'd light a cigar for the scene and when the scene was over, I'd say to the props guy, 'Take this away,'" he told the magazine available Tuesday. "And Bradley would say, 'No give, it to me,' and he'd smoke it."

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Smoking isn't the only deterrent Neeson has when he takes on a new character, the 62-year-old actor also tries his best to avoid anything to do with the world of Shakespeare.

"I was always intimidated by Shakespeare," he admitted. "I still am, to a certain extent. It's the language of course."

As for his next acting venture, the 'Taken 3' star has a great desire to return to his roots and star in a stage production of any kind.

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"It doesn't even have to be Broadway. I'd love to do a play-a new play," he revealed. "Every so often I'm offered a revival, but I'd love to find a new voice, a new piece of writing."