Liam Neeson will never have cosmetic surgery - because he wants to grow old ''gracefully''.

The 'Taken' star is embracing life in his seventh decade and, like his Hollywood peer George Clooney, he doesn't ever intend to go under the surgeon's knife to try and recapture his youth.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, he said: ''Ageing should be done gracefully. I agree with George that the best way to grow older is not to get any work done to your face.''

Last month, Clooney, 54, insisted men who dye their hair and have plastic surgery make themselves ''look older'' and assured his fans he would never do either but would just continue to ''look the best'' he can at the age'' he is.

Neeson turns 63 on Sunday (07.06.15) but he won't be doing anything special to mark the occasion because it's just a reminder that he's ''getting old''.

The Irish actor - who was talking at the launch of his son Michael's new London gallery Maison Mais Non in Soho - said: ''My birthday is a touchy subject. I'm going to be 63 - nobody wants to be 63! I'm getting old. What I want more than anything is for it to be ignored. I just hate it and it makes me feel vulnerable. It's such a private thing - the day you were born, the day you came out of your mother's womb. Some people hire a boat and do grand things like that, but I just get embarrassed about that sort of celebration and attention. I had a wee splash for my 60th - Bono's a pal, he came - but even that was borderline, 'I want to get out of here!' ''

Neeson has two sons, Michael, 19, and Daniel, 18, with his late wife Natasha Richardson - who tragically passed away in March 2009 after sustaining a head injury while skiing at the Mont Tremblant Resort in Montreal, Canada.