Liam Neeson says he was filming a se scene for Woody Allen at the very moment that the director received a call that his long-term Mia Farrow had discovered naked photos that he had taken of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

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"There was one incident - people think I've made this up, but no," Neeson reveals in GQ's April issue. "There's a scene where I'm [performing a sex act] on Judy Davis, right. Judy and I are in bed - obviously covered up .?.?. the crew are all ready, and we're waiting for Woody. No-show. It's starting to get a bit uncomfortable."

Neeson, 61, continues of the awkward moment, "Anyway, he came out after about 20 minutes...there was no apology, nothing. What happened: His lawyer had gotten in touch with him to say Ms. Farrow has found naked photographs of her adopted daughter [Soon-Yi]."

The movie in question was Allen's 1992 drama Husbands and Wives.

Neeson added that he and Farrow formed a bond and that she later gave him love advice regarding his late wife Natasha Richardson, whom he married in 1994.

"A few months later, Mia was doing a film with Natasha in Ireland," he recalled. "We had a couple of Guinnesses one night, and I told [Mia] I was going to marry this woman."

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Also in the interview, Neeson said he gave up drinking following Richardson's tragic death in 2009. "I gave up drinking a year ago," he says, adding he could "easily" down two bottles of pinot noir when socializing. Following Natasha's death, Neeson also turned down the lead in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, for which Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar for best actor.

"I maybe did four years of research," Neeson says of the film. "Natasha died in March and then [in April] Steven got together a reading .?.?. We started reading .?.?. and I just [had] a thunderbolt moment. I thought, 'I'm not supposed to be here. I've passed my sell-by date. I don't want to play this Lincoln. I can't be him." 

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