Liam Payne can't stop himself from saying ''stupid'' things in interviews.

The 'Strip That Down' hitmaker - who has three-year-old son Bear with former girlfriend Cheryl - always feels ''pressure'' when he's doing promotional work because he can't help blurt out things he knows he shouldn't say, despite trying hard not to.

He said: ''When I get on a TV programme, I have the instantaneous thought I'm gonna say something stupid.

''I know it's coming, the camera turns on and I always say something stupid, but it puts a genuine pressure on these things, it's weird.''

The 26-year-old singer also revealed the shaved head he sported in the 2018 music video for his duet with Rita Ora, 'For You', was done in a moment of rebellion because he wasn't allowed to change his look the way he wanted.

He said: ''I remember having a real massive argument with my manager because I wanted to dye my hair blonde and they wouldn't let me.

''So I shaved my head right before this happened and that really annoyed everybody, I think. Sorry team.''

During the 'I Hate Watching Myself' video feature for Esquire, Liam faced a particularly awkward moment when he had to look back on his audition for 'The X Factor', which saw him, aged 14, perform for the show's judges, including Cheryl.

He said: ''Let's address the elephant in the room. Obviously...the future mother of my son is sat in that chair.

''This is now an episode of 'How I Met Your Mother', so that's enough of that I think.''

While Liam doesn't enjoy watching himself on screen, he thought it was ''nice'' to see himself and his One Direction bandmates perform to over 18,000 people on 'Today' in 2013.

He said: ''I hate watching myself but I like watching us together, it was nice. This is fun.''

The 'Stack It Up' singer reflected on how the band constantly had it stressed to them how important their early TV performances were for their career and admitted it was the last thing he needed to hear at the time.

He said: ''As a young lad, you're just like, 'Help me. I'm really scared right now. And I used to have to start all the songs as well, so that made it a double tricky job.''