Liam Payne has hit back at a troll who branded the singer’s girlfriend a gold-digger.

The 29-year-old and Kate Cassidy, 23, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the British Fashion Awards on December 5 after they had been rumoured to be dating since Halloween.

One fan recently sent ex-One Direction member Liam a DM warning Kate was just after his fortune, estimated to be $70 million (£58 million.)

Liam – who shares son Bear, five, with ex Cheryl, 39, and has been engaged to 29-year-old model Maya Henry – shared a screengrab of the message on his Instagram Stories and responded on Christmas Day: “Gotta say you could tell me anything and I couldn’t be turned, I’ve never felt a love like I do for Katelyn.

“We make each other better people. If it was just for the money I’d give her all of it.

“It’s not though (please remember I’m hella sexy) and I know I’m fun and a loveable person.

“And I don't give a f*** to say that for the first time in my life I’m happy to be me and that’s priceless.”

Liam commented on Kate’s post of a picture of them together at the British Fashion Awards earlier this month: “Who is that lucky lucky dashing young man next to you? Nah seriously you look fantastic I coulda just told you that as your on the sofa next to me but you know tech and phones n stuff.”