Liam Payne says releasing 'Sunshine' was the highlight of his year.

In a New Year's message to fans, the 28-year-old singer reflected on a busy 2021, which saw him celebrate 11 years of One Direction and some solo milestones but his top memory was the release of his single, which featured in the movie 'Ron's Gone Wrong'.

Writing in his newsletter, he said: "We had lots of anniversaries this year - 11 years of One Direction and 10 Years of 'Up All Night' and four years of 'Bedroom Floor' that you helped celebrate with me.

"You guys have been listening to my music through the roof this year, we hit 100 million on 'Midnight' on Spotify. I will always remember that day recording it in the studio with Alesso on Christmas Eve 2019!! Thanks for showing it love everyone

"My absolute favourite thing I did in 2021 was release 'Sunshine' and have it featured in 'Ron’s Gone Wrong'. It's been amazing to see all the love from you guys, especially on TikTok."

Liam is also proud of the 'Here's To The Future' live show he put on and launching his first ever NFT collection.

He wrote: "We started the year with my Here’s To The Future show, kicking off with the #TheLPShowAct4 featuring so many incredible artists with Nina Nesbitt, Claire Roskinkranz and Ross Harris. It was so awesome to run these shows and watch so much talent

"This year I launched my first ever NFT collection alongside Zedd and Silly Gabe, and even featuring Gary Vee on the rarest 1 of 1 piece! The response to #LonelyBug was so overwhelming and was great going on that journey with you."