Lianne La Havas felt suicidal when she broke up with her boyfriend.

The 23-year-old singer has spoken about the devastating break-up which inspired her track 'Lost and Found.'

She told The Observer newspaper: ''I'd never experienced it before. Just the most unbelievable pain. It makes you want to kill yourself.''

However, the talented star doesn't regret her heartbreak, as the ups-and-downs of her relationships are a major influence on her music.

Lianne explained: ''To write you have to experience true happiness and extreme pain.''

The singer, who is recording her second album this year, hopes to be recording songs until she is 80 and has stopped drinking to help her fulfill her goal, after being hospitalised for a kidney infection last year.

She has said: ''I feared for my life when I got sick as I haven't been in hospital since I was a child. But I've never felt better than when I came out of hospital and my lifestyle has changed now.

''My voice is much stronger as I've quit smoking as well.''