Liberace's lover Scott Thorson claims he had a ''six or seven'' year romance with Michael Jackson.

The 54-year-old former partner of the legendary pianist has alleged he grew close to the 'Billy Jean' hitmaker and described him as ''generous''.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Liberace introduced me and Michael in the late 1970s. It was right around the time 'Thriller' was coming out and Michael and I became lovers.

''Our relationship went on for six or seven years. Michael was very generous too. He treated me well.''

He added the three men ''healed together'' while they all recovered from ''plastic surgery''.

He said: ''Liberace and I had both undergone plastic surgery around the same time Michael underwent a nose job because he didn't think he was handsome. We all healed together at the Liberace compound in Palm Springs.''

His memoir detailing his relationship with Liberace has been adapted into a film 'Behind The Candelabra' - and he has complimented Matt Damon for his portrayal.

However Scott - who had been jailed awaiting sentencing on burglary charges - revealed he felt abandoned by Hollywood despite attempting to reach out to Matt and Michael Douglas, who played Liberace in the film.

Scott added: ''Matt Damon did a great job playing me and he did a great job in bed with Michael Douglas too ... [But] Hollywood turned it's back on me.

''Matt Damon or Michael Douglas would not bail me out, even though I offered to talk to them about the film.''