Former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has announced she is to give up her career as a musician.

The 28-year-old said she was hanging up the microphone to focus on TV presenting.

Earlier this year Heaton appeared in the Channel 4 reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

Commenting on her decision to quit singing, the former Liberty X member said: "The only thing that I've done is I recorded a single last year for an Irish autism charity with Keith Duffy from Boyzone but that was never meant to be a solo single, it was for the charity.

"But that's it as far as solo work in the pipeline goes, I'm concentrating on presenting to be honest.

"I'd like to keep performing, I've been doing a couple of auditions for West End and stuff, but as for releasing music, I can't see that ever being in my life again."

Heaton appeared to have a fairly unhappy time in the Big Brother house after becoming the butt of US rapper Coolio's jokes about her alleged romance with former boy-band member Ben Adams.

19/03/2009 12:13:36