Actor Liev Schreiber played the role of a peacemaker over the weekend (29-31Mar13) after breaking up a fight between a waiter and a photographer outside a Los Angeles eatery.

The X‑Men Origins: Wolverine star had just finished dining at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica when a crowd of snappers gathered around his car to get an image of Schreiber as he exited the restaurant.

A male staffer came to the actor's rescue to help part the paparazzi, but he then got into a heated altercation with a female photographer, who appeared to take a swing at him with her camera as she tried to get closer for a picture.

In video footage obtained by, the employee is featured shouting, "Get the f**k out. You touch me with that and I will eat you alive! You understand? I will eat you! Eat you!"

Schreiber, 45, then rushed in to separate the pair, saying, "No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. That's enough. That's enough."

It is not known if any charges were filed.