Nicki Minaj PerformingIt's safe to say that Nicki Minaj has been in the lead from the start

Phew. Honestly, it's not even an entertaining feud. It's just straight up exhausting. Hopefully, Minaj won't even respond to LIL' KIM again. She has the potential to kill the whole thing right this very second. Who will even give Kim the time of day anymore when everybody knows that Minaj is no longer going to pay attention? She's got bigger things to worry about anyway. Along with the 'Flawless' remix, Minaj also dropped her new single, 'Anaconda,' off her upcoming album, The Pink Print. Last week, Minaj struck pop gold with her joint track 'Bang Bang' featuring Ariana Grande and Jessie J, and it debuted at number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Lil' Kim, on the other hand? Erm ... she hasn't really done much of anything. In a long time. Her last album was the 2005 record, The Naked Truth, and even though a new album is apparently in the works, there's no sign of it coming out anytime soon. The logical plan is to work on the album and get your name in the press for a legitimate reason - not for jumping on another artist who's more successful than you currently are. Now, there's no denying Lil' Kim's legitimacy. She's going to go down as a legend, and she paved the way for a lot of female MCs today. But why get jealous over that fact, instead of just embracing it? Her attacks on Minaj look like a desperate attempt to stay in the public eye, because for some reason, she knows her music isn't going to do it anymore. Another logical plan? Get in the studio with Minaj and work on music together. Then you've got one of the most influential female MCs linking up with the hottest around. But she's gone and blown that now. In the future, hopefully somebody close to Lil' Kim tells her like it is - to cut out the drama and petty insults, because all it's doing is ruining the history that she spent years making.