Lily Aldridge prepares for Victoria's Secret shows by bulking up on salmon.

The 29-year-old model uses food to give her skin the glowing complexion it needs, as well a hot bath and a good night's sleep, to prepare her for her catwalk appearances.

She said: ''Grilled salmon with lemon and asparagus! I basically eat this every day getting ready for the Victoria's Secret show, plus green juice - and I feel incredible.''

And Lily - whose pal Taylor Swift is godmother to her three month old daughter Dixie Pearl Followill - strongly recommended other household products above all, to keep her youthful complexion.

She said: ''I cover my face in oil at night before bed. It makes my skin so soft when I wake up.

''Yogurt-and-honey mask - I make it weekly. And I can't speak more highly about drinking aloe water for your skin! It's amazing.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty, who lives in Nashville with her daughter and husband Caleb Followill, said she never imagined herself having a career in fashion and beauty.

She said: ''I did not think I was going be in fashion. I was a tomboy; really into soccer and photography. Then as I got older I started loving models like Kate Moss, and it just kind of happened naturally.''