Singer Lily Allen has hit out at David Cameron on Twitter for stepping down as Prime Minister after the EU referendum result. Allen, who previously voiced her support for the Remain campaign, has said that following Thursday’s vote she is now ‘Brexit’, as that’s what the majority voted for.

Lily AllenLily Allen has been voicing her views on Brexit and David Cameron.

On Saturday the singer tweeted: “I can't actually see any individual being brave enough to trigger article 50. It's career suicide.” Allen then explained she now supported Brexit because it’s what democracy had voted for and not because she’d done a political ‘u-turn’, as some accused her of.

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“Im #brexit now. I'm not sure the prime minister has the same respect for democracy that I do. We don't leave till #Article50,” she wrote. Later she called Cameron out for being “spineless” following the referendum result. “Our PM is spineless and doesn't care about democracy,” she tweeted.

“Utterly shameful, where the f**k is our Prime Minister. Or Boris, or anyone actually IN power ? What is going on?” she later added. “This is thoroughly Un British behaviour, watch them all peddle out "we need to come together "when they all do exactly the opposite, squabble.”

When a user then asked her: “Why are you asking for article 50 to be invoked when we have no plan as country for what comes next?” Allen responded: “Who on earth kind of PM calls a referendum, and has no plan for the out come? That's reckless.”

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“Honestly, I'd feel more reassured if I was told we were now living under a Kardashian dictatorship at this point,” she continued. Allen also came out in support of Jeremy Corbyn, saying she would be joining a protest in support of the Labour leader. “l’ll be protesting this evening in support of Jeremy Corbyn,” she tweeted. “Seems to be the only dignified person in in Westmimster. *cue stupidity jibes*”