Lily Allen’s Instagram prank with the help of an Australian police officer could land her and her co-conspirator in some trouble. Let’s rewind a bit. On Sunday, Allen was leaving Sydney, being escorted by officers through Gold Coast Airport, which was apparently just for her safety. According to TMZ, the Sheezus singer jokingly asked one of the officers to handcuff her and then posed on her knees for an Instagram picture. Allen will be joining the Bangerz tour for a handful of dates in the US this August, so maybe she was just channeling her inner Miley Cyrus?

Lily Allen
Hope the photo op was worth it. 

Apparently that doesn’t fly with the Australian Federal Police. The law enforcement body has now launched an investigation into the incident, claiming that protocols were breached. Since then, the AFP has been sending some mixed signals about the whole thing, more or less excusing the officers by saying they were “caught up in the moment.”

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Evidently, when Lily Allen asks to borrow a pair of handcuffs, the only possible answer is yes. It is unclear whether Allen is getting any backlash over this and whether the police contacted her. The Instagram pic has been deleted from her profile, but since things posted online never really go away, screenshots of it have been reposted on several celebrity gossip sites already. 

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Lily Allen
Lily Allen's Instagram is still a treasure trove of weird, though.