Lily Allen will slaughter a pig for one of her Twitter followers.

The 'Not Fair' singer has teamed up with Comic Relief to join the Twitter Million campaign - a challenge on the social networking site to raise £1 million for the charity - and promised the highest bidder she will name a swine after him or her before killing it and sending them all the meat.

She tweeted: ''The highest bidder on my #twittermillion page will get a pig named after them and bacon from it when it's killed. or the choice to spare it. (sic)''

However, she didn't want vegetarians to be left out of the competition and said they could bid in order to save the pig's life.

Lily - who lives in a country home in Gloucestershire - wrote: ''Or if you're a vegetarian you can choose to spare the pig . #twittermillion JOIN MY TEAM !!!! (sic)''

The mother-of-two then changed her mind about giving the reward to the highest bidder and said the winner would be picked from random.

She tweeted: ''Ok , can I change my mind and make it 'pick at random' instead of 'highest bidder' or will I get done for false advertising @emmafreud help! (sic)''

She then retweeted user @suziemac81, saying: ''@lilyrosecooper should be picked at random, people give what they can afford!! #richalwayswin!! X (sic)''

Other stars to take part in the Twitter Million campaign include Gabby Logan, Claudia Winkleman, Melanie C and Olly Murs.