Lily Allen and David Harbour have reportedly obtained a marriage license.

The 35-year-old singer and the 'Stranger Things' star have been dating since August last year, and whilst engagement rumours have circled them for months, it seems they've decided to take their romance to the next level by making plans to tie the knot.

According to public records obtained by TMZ, Lily and David obtained a marriage license in Las Vegas on Sunday (06.09.20), which they'll need before they walk down the aisle in order to make their marriage legally binding.

TMZ reports the couple have not yet filed a marriage certificate, which suggests they have only obtained the paperwork to get married, and have not yet officially tied the knot.

Marriage licenses are valid for exactly one year, so the pair have until September 6 next year to marry.

Meanwhile, the 'Not Fair' hitmaker recently said she fell for her 45-year-old boyfriend when he wore her ''terrible merchandise'' on their first date.

David donned a T-shirt with her name on it that he bought on eBay and branded Lily's official merchandise as ''cr**** quality'', and the singer was endeared by his honesty.

She explained: ''Ever since the beginning of my career - I suppose it's my self-hatred and low self-esteem - I presume no one would want to have Lily Allen written on a T-shirt

''David wasn't impressed with my last merch. He said it was hit was cr**** quality and he got some off eBay.

''We were on our first date in London and I went round to his place he was like 'Do you think I should wear this or not?' It was terrible. It wasn't even Fruit of the Loom and it was green. I was like I am sure I have never approved that.''