Lily Collins is currently promoting her latest movie 'To the Bone' which follows the emotional journey of a young woman dealing with anorexia. As it turns out, this was rooted in a deeply personal issue for the actress, who has recently confessed that she herself struggled with the illness in her youth.

Lily CollinsLily Collins once had an eating disorder

The subject of eating disorders is not something that is raised frequently in Hollywood films - perhaps because there is little sympathy in that department when young actresses are so often told to lose weight for particular roles. But Lily Collins is glad to be exploring the topic publicly in 'To The Bone'.

'This movie was really important to me to be a part of because, as a teenager, I suffered from eating disorders', she told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival. 'This is the first time I'm talking about it. This is my moment of talking about it. It's important. It's really important. 

'It's something that a lot of young women go through and there's no shame in it, and this movie is about that - it's about embracing your past and about realizing it's something that doesn't define who you are, but it's about your experiences, surrounding yourself with people that support you, and about surviving and getting through it.'

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'To The Bone' is actually based on the real life experiences of not Lily but director and writer Marti Noxon - a woman who Lily explained that she was massively drawn to. 'We have to tell this story because it's something I think that's incredibly taboo with young men and women to talk about, especially in today's day and age where it's more and more prevalent', Lily continued.

Also starring in the movie is Keanu Reeves as Lily's character Ellen's doctor William Beckham.

'To The Bone' premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22nd 2017.