Lily Collins claims her parents are still waiting for her rebel.

The 25-year-old actress admits her father, Phil Collins, and mother, Jill Tavelman, are surprised she hasn't gotten into any trouble in Hollywood.

She said: ''[My mom] always said to me, 'When are you going to rebel?' but I never felt the need to! She was so encouraging about me being open, so there was this kind of acceptance and I never felt the need to step outside of that. Even though I grew up in LA, I was never part of that scene... but I love tapping into it with my job. I get to play round with different personalities, but it's not something I would purposely choose to do.''

Lily says her family are very supportive and her mother has accompanied her to get three tattoos.

She said: ''She ended up getting one herself. I'm itching for another one, and I'm pretty sure my mom will come with me again!''

The brunette beauty has learned a lot of valuable lessons from her parents and admitted she tried to emulate Jill when playing a mother in her new movie, 'Love, Rosie'.

She added to OK! magazine: ''My dad always tells me not to focus on reviews, and my mom always says, 'As long as you are doing this because you want to, then it's the right decision - and no one can tell you otherwise.' So, no regrets.

''When I was younger I always viewed my mom as fun, and she's like, my best friend. I'd never played a mother before, so I tried to bring elements of our relationship to my performance.''