Lily Collins thinks 'Emily in Paris' is as much about "women in the workplace" as it is about romance.

The 33-year-old actress plays Emily Cooper in the hit Netflix series, and Lily believes there's more to the show than some people may assume.

The actress - whose on-screen character is a marketing executive - explained: "Season one, I was asked [if Emily were] more of a workaholic or romantic, and I feel like that question just so much defines what we’re used to in the romantic comedy world.

"This show is so much about women in the workplace as much as it is about romance. And I think it’s really important to continue that storyline of feeling torn within your job and how much it means to you."

Ashley Park - who plays Emily's close friend, Mindy Chen - believes that season three of the show is quite distinct from the first two.

The actress told Rotten Tomatoes: "What we were really excited about this season was, often female friendships get the stigma of if there’s any sort of ‘challenging each other,’ then that doesn’t come across as the most supportive.

"I think that what’s really interesting is, with all of these female friendships, you get to see all these different dimensions, you get to see these nuances. And I think that was really unique to this season, especially for Mindy and Emily."

Meanwhile, Lily recently revealed that she's "unapologetically work driven".

The actress also confessed that she's "very much like" her 'Emily in Paris' character.

The brunette beauty - who is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman - explained: "Work is so much a part of who I am. And I’m very much like my character. I love what I do.

"I’m unapologetically work driven. But I’m also unapologetically life driven."