The second season of 'Emily in Paris' will feature more "Parisian beauty trends."

The Netflix series - which stars Lily Collins as a Chicago-based marketing executive who lands her dream job in Paris - will see the title character sporting more traditionally Parisian fashion trends for the new season, which premieres on 22.12.2021.

Odile Fourquin, hair and makeup supervisor on the show, said: "[We are] leaning into Parisian magnificence traits for this season. [Look out for] diamonds on Emily's hair for the Versailles fashion show."

The makeup artist then went on to explain that ideas for looks on the show are inspired by icons of Hollywood's Golden Age - such as Audrey Hepburn - but designers also turn to social media platforms such as Instagram for style innovation.

She told PopSugar: "We get inspiration for all the cast from a lot of supports: magazines, fashion shows, and a lot from Instagram. For Emily specifically, we pulled inspiration from Old Hollywood actresses Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot."

The revelations on the show's hair and makeup come soon after Lily herself gushed about the department's ability to create "individual styles" for herself and her fellow cast members.

She told People: "The collaboration between them and each actor is so amazing. This season, we could go into the wardrobe and go, 'Oh, that's for Samuel [Arnold]. Well, that's for Camille [Razat], that's for Ashley [Park], that's for me'. We all have such individual styles. It's really hard to create a show where every single character has

their own look and aesthetic, and to have it be such a heightened sense of fashion for season two, I was like 'Oh my God, how do you guys do this?'"