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12th December 2016

Tweet: "The moment your mom captures you being nominated for your first Golden Globe. Priceless. I still can't breathe. Beyond honored, thankful, and proud. This can't be real!..." Rules Don't Apply star Lily Collins shares a photo of herself with her hand clasped over her mouth in awe after landing her first Golden Globes nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical.

26th December 2014

Quote: "I would absolutely love to do a foreign movie, and to star in a French movie would be a dream!” Lily Collins on her European acting ambitions.

22nd April 2014

Quote: "Don't let the accent fool you! I always say that I'm going home when I come to England. I love L.A. (Los Angeles) but I feel Britain is where my heart lies. When I go back to our house in West Sussex (England), I spend my days reading by the lake and drinking tea." Phil Collins' actress daughter Lily Collins, who was born in the U.K. and raised in Los Angeles from the age of five, still considers England home.

21st March 2014

Quote: "Brows are the statement piece of the face, and I've learned to embrace mine over the years. And I guess they speak for themselves now that they apparently have their own Twitter account." Actress Lily Collins on her famous eyebrows.

20th March 2014

Quote: "I was wearing a sequined gown and $80,000 earrings, and there was a mechanical bull for guests to ride. I had to have a cowboy lift me up on the bull as my dress was too fitted to allow me to climb up myself. I was terrified that my jewellery would fly off and nervous to ride it in front of so many people, but it was such a liberating, amazing experience." Actress Lily Collins rode a mechanical bull despite the expensive gown and jewellery.

13th August 2013

Quote: "On this movie there's a scene where I kill a vampire and in the rehearsals I use my finger instead of a gun and the guy turned me really fast and bent my finger with his abs. Like, genuinely, he whipped me around and my finger bent sideways, because his abs were so strong that it bent my finger. It was painful." Actress Lily Collins injured herself on a stuntman's toned body on the set of her upcoming movie The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones.

10th August 2013

Fact: Actress Lily Collins makes an appearance in the music video for M83's track Claudia Lewis. The clip is directed by The Help star Bryce Dallas Howard.

7th August 2013

Quote: "I had the experience with Kristen where there were paparazzi waiting outside a restaurant and we were followed afterwards, and I do think it's such a crazy job to follow someone in order to get a picture. I get how much pictures are worth, but that is just so bizarre to me." Young actress Lily Collins experienced a taste of super-fame when she recently hung out with pal Kristen Stewart.

30th July 2013

Quote: "I admire how they've both handled the fame that came with those roles and their ability to step outside those roles and do other projects. That's what I want to do: balance fun big movies with gritty passion projects I love." Actress Lily Collins, who stars in the upcoming film adaptation of young adult fantasy books The Mortal Instruments, admires the way Twilight star Kristen Stewart and The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence have handled the pressures of being a part of big franchise films.

30th July 2013

Quote: "I always wanted tattoos, so this past November, I got two. I got my back done first and it’s my handwriting and it says, ‘Love, always and forever.’" Actress Lily Collins fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting inked.

5th June 2013

Quote: "She's a friend, she's awesome. The choices Jennifer has made have been really interesting. And I love how she carried herself after her trip at the Oscars. I was like, 'You go, girl!' Some of us started out getting each other's numbers in audition rooms because we were like, 'I see you all the time. Why are we not hanging out?'" Lily Collins has struck up a friendship with fellow actress Jennifer Lawrence.

16th August 2012

Quote: "With Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Connelly, they weren’t fussy with hair and make-up. They all exude this inner and outer beauty. I learned that no matter how big you get, it’s still important not to let anything go to your head." Actress Lily Collins would love to emulate her movie co-stars when she is older.

16th August 2012

Quote: "Big brows weren't the look in L.A., where I grew up. But my mom instilled in me that it's the quirky things that make you beautiful." Actress Lily Collins, the daughter of rocker Phil and his wife Jill Tavelman, has learned to love her bushy eyebrows.

15th August 2012

Quote: "Less is more. When I travel to Europe, I go days without putting anything on. It feels healthier. I just never understood the idea of caking it on. The more you have on your face, the more there is to smudge and go wrong." Mirror Mirror star Lily Collins prefers the more natural look when it comes to make-up.

14th August 2012

Quote: "I was so honoured! I grew up adoring the Spice Girls. And you can't touch her when it comes to fashion. She owns every outfit she wears. I don't know how she handles all of those kids - and in heels!" Actress Lily Collins was flattered to have been chosen by Glamour magazine's guest editor Victoria Beckham to appear in the new September (12) issue of the publication.

4th April 2012

Quote: "I celebrated my 23rd with my mum and dad, who were both here in L.A. the day after the premiere. We had a very relaxed, quiet day together." Lily Collins had a birthday to remember last month (Mar12) by marking the milestone the day after the premiere of her new movie Mirror Mirror.

4th April 2012

Fact: Sir Elton John used to babysit for actress Lily Collins as a favour to her father, Phil Collins.

28th March 2012

Quote: "I've been told what happened was I presented her with flowers and as any young kid presents someone with something, then doesn't want to let go (sic)... she took the flowers and I proceeded to wanna pull them back. Mum and Dad are going, 'No, really, you can let go now!'. Actress Lily Collins on meeting Diana, Princess Of Wales as a child.

8th March 2012

Quote: "Pranking was a big deal on set. Luckily I was never really the victim of many pranks. I know that Armie put a fish in one of the dwarves' trailers and everyone forgot about it. That was probably not such a great thing!" Armie Hammer loved playing jokes on his Mirror Mirror co-stars, according to actress Lily Collins.

17th September 2011

Quote: "Taylor made it very comfortable. I was extra cautious not to have any food with garlic!" Lily Collins on kissing Abduction co-star and rumoured boyfriend Taylor Lautner on the set of the new thriller.

16th September 2011

Quote: "I was at a Prince's Trust event and I was playing with a little baby toy that looks like a phone and Charles came over and I handed Prince Charles this phone to play with and then he gave it back and I chucked (threw) it at him. Apparently he leaned over and said, 'You know people have been brought to the Tower (of London) for things less worse than that.'" Actress Lily Collins on her embarrassing childhood meeting with Prince Charles.

16th September 2011

Quote: "There's a scene where she pulls my hair and she pulled it so hard that some of it came out, but we kept rolling... It's my first hair pull - and it's Julia." Lily Collins on playing opposite a mean Julia Roberts in Snow White.

31st August 2011

Quote: "Kristen's going to be cool and edgy and dark. It's gonna be something new for her, and I think that's really exciting. Lily's gonna be great too. And a completely different feel." Actor Taylor Lautner refuses to choose between his Twilight love interest Kristen Stewart and his real-life girlfriend, actress Lily Collins, who are both starring as fairytale princess Snow White in two upcoming rival film productions.

10th May 2011

Quote: "My grandmother bought me my first Chanel bag before she passed away, and I feel like I'm always carrying my family with me when I wear it." Actress Lily Collins, daughter of rocker Phil Collins, treasures the designer item gifted to her by her late grandma.

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