DAVID O. RUSSELL will have to prepare himself as his transgender niece isn't giving up on her claims that he groped her breasts. Even though the police refused to file charges against DAVID O. RUSSELL, family sources have told TMZ that she plans to try anything to reopen the case against him.
The 'Fighter' director has been accused of inappropriately grabbing his transgender niece's breasts during a workout session at a Florida hotel. A family source suggests that the 19-year-old really looked up to the director who lured her into a false security before deciding to take advantage of her. Since the accusations, Russell has declared his innocence, admitting that even though he did touch her breasts, she had consented to the act. Broward County Sheriff's Office decided to close the case against the director 'because it's an allegation of simple battery that was not witnessed by law enforcement', but this hasn't stopped his niece from laying low. She has to now take her case to the State's Attorney on her own and if she is successful, Russell will have to face criminal charges. Russell's representatives are yet to still comment on the issue.
Russell's troubles come after his infamously ferocious temper was caught on tape in 2004 when he had an argument with actress Lily Tomlin on the set of 'I Heart Huckabees'.