Limp BizkitFinsbury Park Saturday 6th September
Limp Bizkit – Finsbury Park Saturday 6th September

Limp Bizkit

Finsbury Park

Saturday 6th September

It’s been a long time coming after the album delay and the cancellation of their headline slot at the Download Festival, but Fred Durst and Co finally make it up to the UK with a free gig in front of 35,000 people in north London’s Finsbury Park. In perfect conditions, at least for an outdoor gig, and with a very simplistic stage set, the band open with Eat You Alive - the first single from the hugely anticipated album Results May Vary. However, with ol’ red cap himself (or should I say blue) spending the entire first song in the pit, and the fact that Eat You Alive has only just received airplay, the gig starts to a slightly muted response and it isn’t until Fred jumps onto the stage that the crowd really comes alive.

The band launches into Hot Dog with the crowd lapping up all 46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme, My Generation, Break Stuff - which, rather needlessly, is dedicated to Britney Spears - and My Way which continues to keeps the crowd in the mosh pit bouncing during arguably the strongest part of the night.

The pace takes a sudden drop as new song Under The Gun kicks in. A much more laid back and melodic number, it actually gives Fred’s throat a well earned rest and allows him to express himself without the usual hate that continues to rage inside him. He also introduces new guitarist, Mike Smith, and it’s to his credit that Wes Borland hasn’t sprung to mind. Although he’s much more static than Wes, he’s full of energy and on this performance justifies his inclusion into one of the biggest bands in the world.

Music - Limp Bizkit – Finsbury Park Saturday 6th September
Music - Limp Bizkit – Finsbury Park Saturday 6th September
Music - Limp Bizkit – Finsbury Park Saturday 6th September

Another song from the new album albeit a cover from The Who, Behind Blue Eyes, and the closest thing Limp Bizkit will ever come to recording a ballad. Durst has been quoted as saying the new album is the most aggressive to date, but simply on the songs played tonight it seems that Fred could be going soft in his old age. A guitar plays out on a blacked-out stage and the vocals begin from who knows where. Suddenly, Fred appears on the barrier between the front two sections to the delight to the people at the front and, to his credit, he does a great job as cigarettes, bottles of water, beer and God knows what rain down.

Still in the crowd, the bass intro to Take A Look Around ignites the crowd and everyone comes back to life. Slowly making his way back to the stage, the energy reaches intense proportions as he declares ‘I know why you want to hate me.’ Pyrotechnics play out the final section and Limp Bizkit leave the stage.

They return with Full Nelson, fists back in the air as we’re told that ‘we won the football match’ (referring to England’s 2-1 win against Macedonia) and they leave again. This time Fred returns on his own with guitar in hand. He plays out a verse and chorus of Nevermind before attempting a quick and rather shocking guitar solo. Finally he introduces ‘the cheesiest song in the world,’ and Faith closes the set.

And then they leave. The backing track plays out and everyone waits for them to come back, power into Rollin’ and take their final bow. Except they don’t return and the concert ends leaving a slightly bitter taste. Sure it was great, incredibly energetic and, more importantly, free but it seems like there’s still a little work to do.

So, they came, they saw and, on the whole, probably conquered. They’ll play better shows than this, but with their new album just around the corner, Limp Bizkit proved they’re back doing what they do best and are ready for world domination. Just keep on Rollin’, baby!