Limp Bizkit have revealed new songs are set to drop "in rapid succession".

The 'Rollin'' hitmakers have reiterated that they have cancelled all performances this month, adding that the band are "all fine" while teasing new material in an update on their upcoming album.

On their official Instagram Story, the group wrote: "To be more clear as some promoters are a bit behind on keeping you updated.

"All of our scheduled performances were cancelled weeks ago (yes, we are all fine, thank you).

"New songs will begin to leak, one after the other in rapid succession, very soon. Soon thereafter our new album will be released."

The group haven't released a new album since 2011's 'Gold Cobra' and guitarist Wes Borland previously admitted frontman Fred Durst being a "perfectionist" has played a big part in the delay.

He said: "He’s so talented, and I love him so much as a brother, but if he’s not ready to do it, he’s not ready to do it.

"My whole thing is I force things, but I’m happy to make mistakes and get embarrassed and go, 'Oh, I shouldn’t have done that.'

"But I just like to put stuff out. But he’s a perfectionist, so we’ll see when he’s ready to do it."

The 'Break Stuff' group confirmed earlier this month that their live performances for August had been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

They said in a statement at the time: "Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of the band, crew and most of all the fans, the Limp Bizkit show this Monday and the remaining August tour is being cancelled.

“Refunds are available at their points of purchase. All tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded.”