Limp Bizkit refused to let a deadly tornado halt their show in Oklahoma on Friday night (31May13) and they played through the raging storm for the handful of fans who made it to the venue.

The rockers' show at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City was officially cancelled due to the monster twister which ripped through the area, killing 10 people and injuring many more.

The musicians were stranded at the venue so they decided to put on a show for around 20 gig-goers who were also taking shelter there.

In a post on, frontman Wes Borland writes, "We just survived our first tornado! Cancelled show but we played 8 songs for the 20 fans that rode out the storm in the venue with us!"

A message posted on the band's page, adds, "The venue we were in was hit by a tornado in Okc (Oklahoma City) last night, but we stayed inside and played for the small group of people who showed up. It was an intense evening to say the least. We ended up having a great time with the few people who stuck around and didn't leave the venue until almost 2am... I'm sorry the tornados decided to spoil the show for everyone else."

A picture posted online shows a handful of fans at the front of the stage watching the band play to an almost empty auditorium.

Fellow rockers Dropkick Murphys were forced to cancel a show at the same venue on Saturday night (01Jun13) after their flights into the area were cancelled due to the tornado disaster.