Is there not anybody out there looking out for Lindsay Lohan’s public image?

Or did her parents simply not teach her to say please and thank you when she was a child? Apparently, Lohan hasn’t actually bothered to say thanks to her Scary Movie 5 pal Charlie Sheen after he valiantly stepped in and tried to help get the IRS off her back. And just how did Charlie do this? He reportedly gave her a cheque for $100,000 to help pay off some of the money she owes. And has she said thank you? Not according to Sheen.

Perez Hilton have quoted Sheen on the matter and we reckon he’s being pretty polite about the whole thing. “[She’s] a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot,” said the Anger Management star. “I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you.' Anything, you know?” Either Sheen is joking, or Lindsay’s lost her manners, as well as her marbles, it would seem.

Elsewhere, the troubled actress has been causing a stir by hanging out with The Wanted on their tour bus and getting noticeably cosy with one of the band’s member’s, Max George. The latest news there seems to be that she was caught partying with Max at the afterparty of the Z100 Jingle Ball and hugging him backstage. She'll need to wind down on the partying soon though; she's due in court on Wednesday (December 12, 2012) to answer charges relating to her car crash in June.