Paris Hilton' little brother Barron was attending a party on Friday night (Dec 6th) at a Miami mansion.

Towards the end of the night the 24 year-old heir suffered a brutal attack which resulted in him going to hospital to seek medical treatment.

Initially Barron claimed to the police Lindsay Lohan ordered the beat down due to him talking behind her back.

Allegedly the 'Mean Girls' actress was shouting, "'You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get," before a male friend of hers proceeded to punch the Hilton sibling.

However, the attacker has been identified as New York resident Ray Lemoine and he claims Lohan had nothing to do with the attack, according to TMZ.

Lemoine's reps also told the gossip site that the blame should fall entirely on Hilton as he started the altercation after refusing to leave the property.

Ray was renting the mansion for a couple of days and was letting the 27 year-old actress, who know each other through a mutual friend, stay there for the time being.

The fight began after Hilton wouldn't leave on Friday morning after Lemoine asked him to, apparently the young socialite wasn't happy that the host didn't care who he was so Mr Hilton proceeded to push him.

That turned out to be a mistake!

Even though Ray is adamant Lindsay was not involved with the fight in any way, TMZ caught a video of Barron and Lindsay exchanging words after the attack, when the 'Parent Trap' actress claimed to have already left.

Very suspicious!

Barron posted a photo on Instagram which showed the extent of the injuries to his face.