Lindsay Lohan partied in the rain at Steve Angello’s Central Park DJ set on Saturday, even though she was recovering from pneumonia. The Hollywood star insisted she didn’t want to miss the al fresco event, and decided to power through.

Speaking to the New York Post, Lohan revealed that she’d also been working through the illness, saying, “I have been really sick with pneumonia but I have been working. I have been shooting ‘Scary Movie’ with Charlie Sheen. He was really great to work with and gave me some good advice about surviving in this business.” The actress and a group of friends partied at the open-air bash in New York with New York Ranger Aaron Voros and his former teammate Sean Avery, before leaving shortly after the heavens opened. Lohan got soaked in the downpour and was taken to hospital on Sunday with a bad lung infection, being treated with antibiotics before getting discharged. She told the Post on Monday, “I got sick again, but I am all right.”

Lohan’s comments will also come as a relief to fans who had become worried she would be no longer starring in Scary Movie 5. Recent rumors had suggested the actress had been causing problems on the set and “disappeared” after being asked to perform a scene that mocked her previous personal issues. However, it looks as though everything is just rosy.