After refusing to check into a Newport rehabilitation facility as part of her conviction for reckless driving, Lindsay Lohan has entered a 90-day court mandated stay at the Betty Ford Center. The star has had multiple stints in rehab thus far as well as multiple relapses, so her skipping out on rehab didn’t come as much of a surprise. This time, LiLo entered Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, but then left within the hour, the LA Times reports.

This, of course, presented a bit of a challenge for her legal team, who had to arrange some other terms for Lohan to serve out her probation. She recently rehired her former attorney Shawn Holley, who represented her for several years, and the lawyer arranged for the "Mean Girls" star to enter the Rancho Mirage facility. The Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Atty. Terry White said Friday that he had given "tentative approval" to the actress to serve her court-mandated rehab at a different facility from the one in Newport Beach. LiLo chose the infamous Betty Ford rehab center for her 90-day stay.

This is quite a good development for her, but the Scary Movie 5 actress is still on really thin ice. The judge she appeared before on Thursday mandated that any slipup on Lohan’s part at this point would result in six months behind bars for the actress. Instead, her 90 days in rehab will be followed up with a month of community service and three months in phsychotherapy. Maybe that might finally move the troubled actress out of her rut.

Lindsay Lohan, Scary Movie 5 Premiere
Maybe the celebrity rehab center will finally help Lohan clean up her act.