Lindsay Lohan got a visit from Oscar winning actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck while she was holed up in rehab at the Cliffside facility in Malibu, it has emerged.

According to, Affleck - who went into rehab in 2011 - met Lindsay in California while she was getting treatment. The actor gave her guidance on how to maintain sobriety after rehabilitation, especially in the Hollywood circles in which she runs.

Affleck - who turned his career with Argo after various flops - also discussed how to make a comeback in the movie business, telling Lindsay she had the ability to make it big again in Hollywood. Ben "told her how supportive the entertainment community is for people who make a real effort to get better and stay clean," and, according to a source, the meeting really touched The Canyons star.

Now, as we previously reported, Lohan was rumored to be in with a chance of being cast in Affleck's new movie Live By Night - so was an offer forthcoming?

Unfortunately not. Apparently Affleck nor Lohan brought up the movie, meaning the role has probably already been cast, or Affleck doesn't regard Lindsay as a contender for the part.

The original report, at Showbiz 411, said that Lohan was "close" to signing on for the movie, though industry publication The Wrap learned that there's absolutely no truth in the story. "It's NOT true," said an insider, "She will not be cast in any role in the movie. She is not being considered for any role in the movie. She won't be in the movie."

Based on the novel of the same name by Mystic River author Dennis Lehane, Live By Night chronicles the rise of a gangster named Joe Coughlin in prohibition-era Boston, who is imprisoned before starting his life again in Florida. 

Lohan, a former child star, became one of the most popular teen actresses in Hollywood with turns in the likes of The Parent Trap (1998) and Mean Girls (2004) though legal troubles have blighted her career and she's been to rehab six times.

At the premiere of her latest underwhelming flick The Canyons - written by Bret Easton Ellis - director Paul Schrader told Reuters, "Lindsay lives in an atmosphere of chaos. It just seems to be part of her makeup and if there isn't chaos, somehow there becomes chaos. It's exhausting to be around her. It's exhausting for her."

Lohan's representative has declined to comment on her next career movie, though it's not just Ben Affleck who believe she has it in her to reclaim past glories. "I actually think it's very much within her power to reclaim her career," said Allan Mayer, a Hollywood crisis manager who has had clients such as actor Tom Cruise and singer R. Kelly.

"The way you do that doesn't involve any smoke and mirrors or no spin doctoring or anything like that. It's really a question of just what she seems to be doing right now, which is you put your head down and do your work," he added.

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