Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is reportedly working on getting her a reduced jail sentence in her felony grand theft case.

The 'Mean Girls' actress has been accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from upmarket store Kamofie & Company, in Venice, California and although she was told by the judge she faces jail time if she accepts a plea bargain for the charges, which she has pleaded not guilty to, it is believed her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley has been trying to work on a deal.

A source told TMZ Holley will ask Judge Keith Schwartz which sentence Lindsay would most likely receive if she pleads guilty, or no contest. While the District Attorney Danette Meyers is seeking six months jail time, it is believed the actress' legal time would settle for three months as she would most likely only serve around 18 days due to overcrowding.

Lindsay - who earlier this year completed a court ordered rehab stint as part of a punishment for breaching the terms of probation that were set following a 2007 driving under The Influence (DUI) conviction - has denied stealing the necklace, insisting it was loaned to her in exchange for publicity.

Judge Schwartz has warned the actress - who is free on $40,000 bail - if she pleads guilty or no contest to the charge then he could rule that she is in violation of her earlier DUI order.

Now, Lindsay, 24, must decide whether to accept The Deal or plead not guilty and take the case to trial by the time of her next hearing, which has been set for March 10.