Lindsay Lohan did her own stunts in 'Falling For Christmas.'

The 36-year-old actress stars as hotel heiress Sierra Belmont - who develops amnesia after falling down a mountain - in the Netflix hit and now director Janeen Damian has explained that while the fall was a joint effort between stunt doubles and the actors, Lindsay performed some of it and was "really brave."

She said: "That was a combination of stunt performers and our actors. That was Lindsay that you saw sliding down on her stomach. She's really brave and really coordinated and our stunt coordinator made sure that our actors were safe. They did what they were comfortable with and then the rest was done with stunt performers."

The 'Mean Girls' star is making her comeback to acting in the festive flick after taking almost a decade out of the spotlight due to personal issues and Janeen went on to pay tribute to Lindsay as an "intelligent" actress and she couldn't "ask for more" on set.

Janeen told ScreenRant: "She's such a talent, and she's such an intelligent actor. She comes so prepared. It's a joy to work with someone who brings so much to the screen and every single take she gives you gold. We're actually editing right now on Irish Wish, and we have some [moments] where there are quite a few people in a scene. We can always go to Lindsay. She just brings it, and she has that "it" factor. She just has that star quality. She's multifaceted. She's got comedic chops, emotional charming, she just brings all of that which is perfect in a star of a rom-com. You can't ask for more than that. That's just brilliant."