Charlie Sheen must really really want to help out his new friend Lindsay Lohan as much as he can, with the often controversial actor throwing the equally controversial Lohan yet another bone by getting her a guest spot on his current sitcom Anger Management.

Lindsay Lohan scrums up well for a recent New York gala

Lindsay Lohan scrubed up well for a recent charity gala in New York

Sheen and Lohan first began their unlikely friendship when the two appeared in the upcoming Scary Movie 5 (the one we've all been waiting for apparently), with Sheen donating a $100,000 cheque to the debt-ridden Mean Girls actress. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, Sheen has given the former child star another cash injection by giving her a role in his FX sitcom.

In the show Lohan will play one of Sheen's patients with whom he begins to form a romantic relationship with (Sheen plays an anger management therapist on the show for those unfamiliar with it). Her appearance will hopefully be a much needed boost to her acting career after her last performance as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick received almost almost universal panning from critics. The show will air in the coming weeks and Scary Movie 5 will hit cinema in April.

Lindsay on her way to diner in LA last month

Lindsay on her way to diner in LA last month

In other Lohan-related news, the tabloid darling is apparently wanting to expand her horizons by becoming a motivational speaker! Well, thats what her lawyer Mark Heller is suggesting anyway as he looks for alternatives to jail time in the face of Lohan's ever increasing legal battles. Whether this idea will come into fruition is yet to be seen, but don't act like that proposition didn't raise a smile. Lohan's latest run in with the police stems back to a June incident where she allegedly crashed into a dumpster on her way to a beach shoot.