Lindsay Lohan is "in her element" as a mom.

The 37-year-old actress is "the best she [has] ever been" after giving birth to her son Luai in July.

A source told Us Weekly: "She is in her element as a mom. She’s doing yoga, meditating and exercising.

"She’s really good at time management with the baby and taking care of herself at the same time. She feels adamant that taking care of herself and loving herself is just as important as taking care of her baby. She knows that being there for herself is so healthy in order to take care of Luai and to be the best mom she can be."

The 'Mean Girls' star - who married Bader Shammas in 2022 - has already proven to be a "natural mother", and her family have also provided support since she gave birth to her baby boy.

The insider shared: "Lindsay’s mom, Dina, and siblings Cody and Ali have also been there to help. So she has constant support for a few months."

Earlier this year, Dina claimed that Lindsay's pregnancy happened at the "right time" in her life.

She told PEOPLE: "She's been trying and then it happened, that little stick came up positive.

"It's the right time for her and Bader is an angel. Her husband is so sweet and they're just so happy. They're just really happy and ready."

Dina also revealed that Lindsay was fulfilling a long-held ambition by becoming a mom.

She said: "Lindsay has always loved kids because I love kids and my mother loves kids; I'm one of four.

"We have a big family, so she's always wanted children. And she's so maternal. Isabelle, her niece, just runs to her when she sees her."