Lindsay Lohan has a history of mishappenings occurring to her when getting out of vehicles in the past, and upon her arrival in the Brazilian island of Florianopolis the actress managed to escape with a near miss after nearly falling out of her dress. The troubled star has been in Brazil since Thursday (March 28), for the opening of John John Denim's flagship store in Sao Paulo and since then it is believed that the actress has been partying almost nonstop since then.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan, seen here in court, has more than potential wardrobe malfunctions to worry about at the moment

Lindsay was getting out of the helicopter that flew her and some friends over to the island, but her hair managed to artfully cover up her would-be exposed breast. Really, almost having her breast exposed is the least of Lindsay's problems at the moment, after all, it's nothing we haven't seen before. The real problem for the Scary Movie 5 actress is the seemingly endless exploitation of Brazil's notorious nightlife, which given her history may result in her landing in trouble a little worse that a nip slip.

As well as DJing on Saturday and hitting the town in Florianopolis last night, Lindsay has also had to deal with the opposite side of the spectrum that is her life recently. During an ongoing case in which she has been accused of lying to police, the actress was offered a stint in rehab rather than having to do court time, and potentially jail time too. Her response was that she would be willing to go into rehab but only under the condition that she can continue being prescribed Adderall. Should the judge presiding over this case turn down her plea then Lindsay will take her chances in court.