Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show premiered on Oprah over the weekend and the star, who has become the poster child for child star go bad, managed to shock everyone again. By not being that shocking at all.

Lindsay Lohan
Lohan is back on the straight and narrow... in the first episode, at least.

Sure, the first episode shows Lohan struggling to toe the line – by the end of it, she’s having obvious trouble following the restrictions set by Oprah. Her troubles with substance abuse and numerous DUIs aren’t directly addressed, but are alluded to, when the actress tries to rent a place in New York. One of the final scenes Sunday showed an exasperated Lohan reprimanding her real estate broker because she's required to get renter's liability insurance before she can move into her new apartment.

"I can't get it," she tells him, "because of who I am."

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah has the dificult task of cleaning up Lohan's image, while maintaining the show's ratings.

Everyone knows what she means, even if it isn’t stated explicitly, But that’s essentially it for the whole episode. Following classic reality show tropes like the redemption journey and making expert use of the kind of language you’d expect to hear on a reality programme. Both Oprah and Lindsay frequently refer to about "making the right decisions" and "being in the right place." But uneventful is the best kind of rehab Lohan could want. Hopefully this time she’ll stick with it. It might not bring stellar ratings to OWN, but we’re still rooting for Miss Lohan.