While no one will be surprised that Lindsay has chosen to party rather than attend court, everyone will definitely be disappointed.

Her apparently platonic relationship with The Wanted's Max George (platonic for cameras, at least), has been widely reported and George has said that they think they're keeping her out of trouble. However, it is their company that has induced Lohan to choose to sack off court in favour of hopping on a plane to London with the boys, Extra reports.

She left a tweet saying "I heart the UK" which implies that she's there. However, tomorrow (12th Dec) she's due to appear in court in relation to the car crash she caused and later lied about to police last June. Although her attendance isn't obligatory, she's truly skating on thin ice with her numerous charges and breaks of probation. We're surprised she's even allowed to leave the country!

Well, if she ends up in court she'll regret chasing a guy who's stated he wants to be single after a difficult break up. To be honest, it seems unlikely that she'll end up in prison again given her short stints before. Forget diplomatic immunity, celebrity immunity is where it's at.