Lindsay Lohan 's nude spread for the January/February issue of Playboy is "breaking sales records", according to the magazine's head honcho Hugh Hefner - this despite reports that the issue was struggling to attract customers following an online leak last week.
Speaking on his Twitter account, Hugh told followers on Sunday (December 18, 2011), "The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records". A Playboy spokesman refused to give specific sales figures, but did tell CNN the issue was selling "very well". The news organisation dug a little deeper and called "a dozen" newsstands in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Atlanta to find that only one had sold out of the issue, and even that stall expected a new shipment to arrive on Monday. The Mean Girls actress was allegedly paid $1 million to pose for the magazine, despite previous attempts to lure her having failed. The shoot, which leaked online in its entirety last week, was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's cover for the debut of the magazine back in 1953 - on that occasion, the Hollywood star was reportedly paid $50. In a bid to promote the Lohan edition, Hefner has been retweeting messages from happy customers this week, with one saying, "Lindsay I knew you were beautiful but didn't realize how much until your playboy issue. Sexy & tasteful!", another said, "Just picked up the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue.Just arrived on the shelves in Toronto".
The $1 million paid to the actress was a rare moneymaking opportunity for Lohan in 2011, whose acting career has been put-on-hold due to a series of legal woes. She was convicted of stealing a necklace in Los Angeles and made several probation violations, one of which landed her in prison, albeit for just four hours.