Lindsay Lohan reportedly went Full Frontal nude in her photo shoot for Playboy magazine.

The 'Mean Girls' actress was offered close to $1 million to pose for the Hugh Hefner publication, and the photographs - which were taken at a Los Angeles mansion last weekend - are said to show the star completely naked.

A source close to the magazine told gossip website TMZ she had displayed "boobs, ass and vag" in the shoot, which wrapped yesterday (26.10.11).

However, Lindsay, 25, did insist the photographs were still done "tastefully".

It is not yet known if she will be a cover star for the legendary magazine, which has previously seen La Toya Jackson and Pamela Anderson pose for it.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has been offered $1 million from sex toy company FleshLight to make a mould out of her genitalia for a new product.

Although she has not yet seen the offer, sources close to her claim she is not likely to accept.

The insider said: "She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money."