The rehab facility Lindsay Lohan left on Tuesday 30th, has warned an L.A. judge the actress is in danger of relapsing into substance abuse should she not receive continued court-ordered therapy. The judge has agreed Lohan should continue in therapy until November 2014.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in L.A.

Lohan left the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center looking happy and well on Tuesday after completing a 90 day programme. However, the actress is not out of danger yet. The founder of the rehab centre, Richard Taite, warned Judge Dahney that Lohan is still in need of constant and continuing support. He has suggested the 27-year-old actress needs 50 minute sessions working with councillors, three times a week.

Taite suggests this should be continued for a period of 18 months (starting from May of this year). Ergo, she would have to continue these sessions for another 15 months should the judge change his ruling. Taite continued to warn "if these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set up for almost certain failure", according to a letter acquired by TMZ

Lindsay Lohan
Linday Lohan at the L.A. premiere of Scary Movie 5.

Sources close to the actress told TMZ on Wednesday 31st July that Lohan wished to spend more time in a "lower level, sober living house" before returning to her life in New York. With this latest news, Lindsay Lohan's wish seems to have come true.

However, Lohan's lawyer appeared in court and provided evidence of Lohan's attendance for 90 days at the Cliffside facility. Despite the evidence provided Judge Dahney ruled the actress should in fact continue in court order therapy. 

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan outside the Ed Sullivan Theater before The Late Show with David Letterman in New York.