Plot twist in Lindsay Lohan’s much discussed stay in rehab – she wants out. After her first week at the Betty Ford center, reports had been coming in that Lindsay was doing great and keeping on the straight and narrow… until the doctors tried to take away her Adderall that is. According to TMZ, the star now wants to transfer to another rehab center – one, which would allow her to take the ADHD medication.

Doctors at Betty Ford have evaluated Lohan and concluded that she does not need the pills, despite her claims that she suffers from attention deficit disorder. And in any case, the rehab center for the stars does not normally allow patients over 15 to take Adderall, claiming that there are alternatives to the drug with fewer side effects. Those side effects being weight loss, which is exactly why some Hollywood natives turn to the drug in the first place. And let’s not forget that Addy pills are also highly addictive – it’s not difficult to see why they’re not welcome at the rehab facility and in fact, it’s questionable whether any clinic would turn a blind eye to Lindsay taking them. None the less, the actress has been telling friends that she cannot stay at Betty Ford and wants to be moved to another facility that is not hard-nosed about Adderall. T

hat definitely wouldn’t sit too well with Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors, considering that Betty Ford is the second rehab center Lohan is trying after she fled the first without even checking in. Well, no one ever said rehab was easy.

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A week into treatment, the meaning of rehab is kicking in for Lohan.