Lindsay Lohan is clutching at straws in her recent claim against the Rockstar game ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

The 27 year-old is certain the video game stole her likeness for characters featured on the game and claims it was used on three occasions.

TMZ reports, Lohan and her lawyers are currently creating a lawsuit to file which demands Rockstar Games pay the ‘Mean Girls’ actress money for using her image without permission.

On the cover of the game there is a blonde haired women in a red bikini taking a snap of herself with a cell phone, it vaguely resembles Lohan but it has been widely speculated that the women is based on a snap of Kate Upton in a bikini.

In other words it is near impossible to determine who the women is modelled after.

In another instance, the player in the game has a side mission where they must save a blonde actress, called Lacey Jonas, from the paparazzi taking photos of her.

Further into the game, the player has to break into a hotel, which is modelled after the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and film a blonde actress having sex in one of the rooms.

Lohan once lived in this hotel. British actress Shelby Welinder has since come forward and admitted the likeness is based on her and she even presented her pay check from Rockstar Games as proof, according to The Daily Dot.

With Welinder giving such strong evidence, the lawsuit will most likely achieve nothing.

Lohan claims the women on the left hand side is based on her image