Lindsay Lohan says that she has finished with her partying days for good, telling Oprah Winfrey that her latest stay in prison and then rehab have knocked the remaining urges to take drugs and drink herself into a stupor out of her. She was speaking with Oprah during an exclusive interview on the OWN network on Sunday (18 August) night, during which time she admitted that she's fed up with her past life and thinks it is now time to grow up and act more responsible.

Lindsay Lohan Scary Movie Prem
Lindsay claims that her partying days are well and truly behind her

"I think it was just to find some peace and just have no choice but to just sit and be,” the former child actress told Oprah, in reference to her 2007 stay in jail. She also admitted that as well as wanting to go to prison to remove herself from any toxic environments in her life, the singer was also keen to commit herself to rehab and reckons that her recent 90-day stay in rehab has knocked the last few remaining drops out of her party lifestyle. She claimed that her court-ordered stay in the California rehabilitation centre worked as intended and now she feel ready to begin the next, drug-free chapter of her life.

“I wasn't fighting at all. I just let go and was able to just be like 'OK you probably do know what's best,' because my idea of doing what's best for me has not worked in the past,’” Lohan said of her rehab stay to Oprah. She continued, "I came into it just really willing, really craving more spirituality. Really open and ready to get really honest."

Lindsay posted this snap of herself and Oprah on to her Instagram page after the interview

As the grilling continued, Lindsay openly admitted that she was in fact an addict to an array of substances, but admitted that through it all she was a slave to the bottle more so than anything else. Seeing drink as "a gateway to other things," the Canyons star explained how she used other drugs, in particular cocaine, to drink even more alcohol; her only real concern during a large chunk of her life. She claims to have only taken cocaine up to 10 to 15 times in her life however (yeah right!), saying she only ever used it when already drunk so that she could continue drinking more, telling Winfrey, “It allowed me to drink more. I think that's why I did it.”

The Freaky Friday actress also discussed her tumulus relationship with her patents, Michael and Dina Lohan, who she claims are not responsible for any of her ill-advised choices in the past. Speaking on the subject of her relationship with her parents, she said that "they're just parents at the end of the day," adding, "I don't blame anyone for my mistakes."

Lindsay Lohan
Can the troubled star really put her hectic life behind her for good?

At the end of it all though, Lindsay told Oprah that after years of heavy living and partying hard, at the end of it all she's simple too tired to consciously continuing living this way for much longer. Thanking her stay in rehab for changing her perspective, she told Oprah, "It's a process of growing up and recognizing and being just so tired and exhausted by the chaos...I have had no right in my past to complain about being followed by cameras and people making up stories, but there's something to be said about me moving forward that if I'm going to put myself in a public situation - that's open season for people to say what they're gonna say. I can't control that but I can control not putting myself there."

"I'm different," she continued. We really hope you are Lindsay, and who knows what the future might have in store for you now you (apparently) have your life in order.

Lindsay Lohan Court
Lindsay will hope court appearances like this will be a thing of the past from now on