Has Lindsay Lohan finally met her match? After being arrested for allegedly punching another woman in the face, and generally going a bit nuts on Tiffany Mitchell Avenue nightclub Wednesday night. 

And now, in a story worthy of the movies (something Lindsay would be advised to steer clear from), Mitchell has traversed the snowy mountain tops that are the New York skyscrapers; she's crawled through the darkest and dingiest caves that are the subway system and battled her way past the millions of Zombies that are New York's shopping malls to find the oracle that is Gloria Allred - New York's Queen of lawsuits. Known for her handling of high profile cases, Allred has been involved in suits involving Princess Diana, O.J Simpson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Britney Spears. 

She has also represented cases against the Boy Scouts of America for excluding an eleven year old girl named Katrina Yeaw, something she referred to as gender apartheid, and a case against the former Sav-On Drugstore chain for having both a boys and a girls toy section, as well as representing actress Hunter Tylo when producer Aaron Spelling fired her because of her pregnancy. 

So if TMZ are correct, and Allred did in fact tell them she's involved in the case, then we are in for the mother of all lawsuits.